Cell phones and sexting in Baldwinsville School District

School Resource Officers Martin Knaul and Christine Weeks would like to remind students and parents of the Baldwinsville Central School District's cell phone policy, as stipulated in the district's Code of Conduct. The policy states, "Students may not possess cell phones at school during the school day." They must be in students' lockers while school is in session.

There are several reasons for this policy. Officer Weeks explained that cell phones can be used for activities that disrupt learning and compromise student and staff safety, including cheating, photographing and filming planned fights, and taking and disseminating inappropriate photos. In order to maintain a respectful and safe environment that is conducive to learning, the district wants to remove the possibility of abuses of this nature during school hours. Because student cell phone use cannot be easily monitored by staff members, banning cell phones from school while classes are in session reduces these abuses.

Officer Knaul noted that there are students in the district's schools who carry their cell phones in their pockets and bags during the school day, in violation of the Code of Conduct. The district's penalties for electronic devices violations, which include cell phones, range from warning and confiscation to out-of-school suspension. The Code of Conduct is available for review at any of the district's schools, and you can find it on the district's web site (bville.org), in its entirety, under "District Info & Data" on the left side of the home page.

Officer Knaul said that some parents are concerned about the ability to contact their children during the school day when their children do not have their cell phones with them. He said any parent may call his or her child's school and ask to have the child called to the office to use the school's phone. If a student needs to reach his or her parents, he or she may do so using the office phone.

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