Back on the air, and liking it

Normal, for me, is no one else's normal. Which is as it should be for the human race, for normalcy, while always looked for by those in various amounts of adversity, can be quite dull.

With that as a starting point, my last month of Saturday mornings was anything but normal. One was Christmas, one was New Year's Day, and the next two of them featured laundry runs, story writing and other myriad chores.

What they didn't include, though, was driving through the snow and muck to a climate-controlled studio, putting on headphones and talking to Central New York about the high-school sports scene. And that slowly was driving me mad.

Well it's all good now, for at 9 a.m. this Saturday the "Onondaga Community College Inside High School Sports Show" roars back to life on ESPN Radio - 97.7 and 100.1 on the FM dial, 1200 and 1440 on the AM dial.

Mike Bristol's creation, a novelty at the time in launched in 2000, is now the area's longest-running locally produced sports radio program. As with many other good things, my involvement in Bristol's noble enterprise never was planned - but now it's an essential and enjoyable part of my crowded weekly routine.

Way back when, it was terrifying stuff. Unaccustomed to going on the air in any broadcast medium (save for a cup of coffee at WAER in my Syracuse University days), I would fret for days before making that Saturday phone call into WHEN for my allotted segment.

When that worked out, and the decision was made to bring me into the studio as Bristol's co-host, the cycle repeated itself - initial apprehension, followed by gradual assimilation and, ultimately, a real comfort level of doing the program.

Anyone that is a regular listener of the program cannot begin to comprehend the real, sweaty and stressful work involved putting together. Bristol deserves most of the credit, of course, because he founded it, owns it, lines up a long list of wonderful sponsors and markets the brand, which is a full-time task by itself.

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