Letters: Further consideration needed for fire department acquisition

To the editor:

I read with interest the most recent article in the Jan. 12 Cazenovia Republican, regarding the village's potential purchase of 6 Farnham St. adjacent to the fire station for our fire department. I would thank the village board for their careful consideration and due diligence regarding this possible purchase. I have also spoken with Peggy Van Arnam as well as other board members to share my perspective and hear and understand theirs.

Let me clarify that the house at 6 Farnham St. is not "listed" as the article of Jan. 12 states. The owner "wants" $110,000, but it is not listed. Ask anyone who has tried to sell a house in the village the past two or three years, what the difference is between what you want and what you get and how long it takes to sell even when you have a well priced property. It is presumptuous on the part of fire department members who are not familiar with recent village sales to say that $110,000 is a fair price. Please note that this is not the opinion of every fire department member, as I have spoken personally to one who believes the house is not worth a penny more than $75,000 and he has been in the house, as have I.

With that said, I appreciate the enthusiasm and desire to purchase on the part of the fire department, but can not justify overpaying for a parking lot for 11 cars (possible use) of all things, in today's world of budget cuts and belt tightening. Cazenovia taxpayers are the ones who will be paying and carrying the burden, some of whom are our volunteer firemen, of course. It is important that we all share input to come up with a decision that is reasonable, financially sound and just and takes into consideration long term needs as well as benefits for today. A proper determination of fair market value is still to be determined should a purchase be deemed appropriate.

It is important to state clearly that I am pro Cazenovia Fire Dept. and acknowledge them as a valuable asset to our community. We have a terrific group of dedicated volunteers who are indispensable. We as a community are fortunate to have their services and are appreciative of what they do for us. Thank you to all who give so generously of their time and in such a professional manner.

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