This was the year of dog books for Christmas

I received "Just This Side Of Heaven" by Timothy Glass, "Mornings With Barney" by Dick Wolfsie and "Inside Of A Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz. I have read both of the narratives. The study of dogs goes a bit slow because there is a lot of data. It must be well thought of, as it spent some time on the New York Times bestseller list. It tries to determine what really goes on inside a dog's mind and why they react to certain training exercises and not to others.

Last year I lent a dog book to a friend and he was discouraged, as each short story usually ended with a dog dying. This is only to be expected as those of us described as

Dog People usually have many dogs over our lifetimes. Mr. Lemon (World Famous Beagle) is my ninth dog and I think he is about 41/2 years old at this time. Being quite shorthaired, I think he is already tired of the snow and cold. He doesn't exactly frolic in the snow, unless he is on a good scent.

Audubon Christmas Bird Survey and beyond

It was reported at the time of the Audubon Christmas Bird Survey that there was a large group of ducks in the Cove at West Lake Street. I saw this group myself, but I couldn't get close enough to identify them. Even the more experienced bird counters were a bit shaky on the identification. I suspect that they were part of the mysterious group that was in front of Bentley Cove that I mentioned in my last column. On one of those relatively warm days at about the same time, I saw a lone Loon paddling along in a southerly direction in front of my house. I heard Loon cries, I but didn't see any other birds.

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