Warner responds to letter sent with Van Buren tax bills

On Dec. 30, 2010, I phone the town of Van Buren Supervisor Claude Sykes regarding the letter sent by the town with the tax bills. Mr. Sykes advised me the letter was written by the town's comptroller and sent with Mr. Sykes approval. The letter stated the town had no control over the county taxes imposed. Under the present sales tax agreement, the town chose to take $850,000 in cash rather than using it as a credit to offset your county property taxes. By taking that amount in cash, it caused your county property taxes to rise 50 percent in the town of Van Buren for the year 2011. The town mentioned it kept the sales tax money, but intentionally did not disclose the percentage of increase it caused on your county property tax. You can check your county property tax increase by checking the 2010 state mandated column, which is your county tax, and compare it with the 2011 figure. My county tax increase was just over 100 percent.

The County Executive Joanie Mahoney vetoed the County Legislative budget, which took approximately $45 million out of the budget she proposed. Had she not vetoed our proposal, your county property taxes would have remained close to what they were in 2010. I will be discussing this further at a future date.

I may be reached at 635-5689 or 435-2070.

Onondaga County Legislator Robert D. Warner represents constituents in the 13th district, which includes the town of Van Buren.

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