Marcellus Memories

"Memories of Marcellus by Frank Griffing went as follows... In the winter of 1949, three men came to me and wanted to know if I would sell my hardware business. I told them that I hadn't thought of selling and would think about it. So I began wondering about what I would do if I sold out. I talked it over with my wife, as I was 70 years old and maybe it would be best at my age to sell, if some of them would buy. I planned to build a building about the size of a two-car garage on the south side of our home and put my harness and shoe maker tools in it and then I could do some shoe repairing. Don Orr came and we talked over the hardware business. I told him what I would sell for and so in the Spring, Don and Roy told me that they would take the business at my price, which they did on the first of May. I thought I would stay on with them for a couple of months until they got things going, but I stayed on for ten years and seven months. I have never been sorry that I sold out to them, for they have been what our town needed. Don and Roy have been very good to me and I go down to the store most every day. My interest is with them. I would just like to add a few words about how Christmas was when I was a boy...We didn't have the nice toys that they have today. If they did, our parents didn't have the money to buy them. Most folks I knew were called poor. I remember hanging up my stocking and in the morning, I might find an orange, a stick of candy that looked like a barber pole, a handful of peanuts or maybe a popcorn ball I remember my father making a small anvil. He told me he was making it for John Burns, who fixed watches up in Borodino. At church they had a Christmas tree. When my name got called, there was the anvil and a hammer and tongs. I wish I still had them today. After we moved to Marcellus, I remember my brother Burt. We went to the Christmas doings at the Presbyterian Church. I took a neck tie for him and he had one for me. We placed them on the tree so our names would be called. My folks always had plenty to eat, but I don't remember ever having turkey, for they were expensive. We would have roast chicken or duck. (to be continued later)

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