An interview with Sam Rowser, program director for On Point for College

NY GEARUP: What exactly is OnPoint for College?

R: On Point for College is a non-profit organization that works with students 17 to 25 to remove barriers that hinder them from being successful in college.

Seth: How did you get involved with On Point?

R: Actually, I was working over at the Southwest Community Center with a program called Results when I was introduced to a woman named Ginny Donohue. She had a number of students she was trying to transition into college and she needed some help. I had worked at OCC previously doing that exact same thing, and so it was an opportunity to get back into the field of helping students that wanted to go to college but may not know all the ins and outs of getting in.

Seth: What work does On Point do with students? Do you work with middle school and high school or just high school.

R: Again we work with students that are 17 to 25, so we start working with them when they are juniors and seniors in high school. We also work with students who maybe have stopped going to school, are working on GEDs, we work with students that have graduated and are interested in getting into college, and we work with students that have gone to college and not been successful and are now looking into getting back into college. We work with them from application to graduation.

Seth: What does OnPoint for College cost for students?

R: All the services that On Point for College provides are free. You're not charged for anything.

Seth: How can kids get involved with On Point, or people that may have dropped out but want to go back ?

R: The central contact would be myself. They can give me a call at 315-374-4104, and then I would connect them with the appropriate person or organization. Either one of our access advisors, who help students who have never gone to college before, or one of our retention advisors who works with students who are already in college or who have gone to college.

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