NCAA - No Certainty At All

Bottom line - these bracket freaks are not on the NCAA committee. They don't have to make the tough decisions in that room in Indianapolis, so their voluminous words carry no weight. The only bracket that matters is the real one on March 12, period. Anything else is superfluous.

So, with that rant out of the way, back to the topic - a college season lacking definition or dominant teams, which doesn't happen too often.

This happens at regular intervals of five or six years. No one in 1998, or 2000, loomed over the field, and both times just one top seed made it to the Final Four. Then there was 2006, which lacked any consensus - and every no. 1 seed fell prior to Indianapolis, where red-hot Florida won it all.

Other times, like when Syracuse won in 2003 and Duke a year ago, the favorites are clear-cut, but get knocked out before the eventual champs have to worry about them. Anyone who's ever won this thing (at least in the post-UCLA dynasty era) will tell you some sort of luck is involved.

Here, every top team has issues. Ohio State is not deep and doesn't shoot free throws well. Duke has taken full advantage of a weaker ACC. Kansas plays down to the level of many opponents. Pitt and Texas have yet to prove that they can do something deep into March. San Diego State has those same issues, and BYU needs more than the transcendent Jimmer Fredette to make a Final Four push.

This means more suspense than usual in the "Championship Week" part of the program where so many teams will push hard, in the conference tournaments, to slide in the back door and bump the teams on the fence off to the NIT side.

Then, when the NCAA show commences, just about anything could happen once you get past the first-round mismatches. As Northern Iowa showed a year ago against Kansas, even a heavy tournament favorite can get tossed out if a quality opponent outplays them and gets a couple of breaks.

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