NCAA - No Certainty At All

Okay, there's no choice anymore. College basketball, or at least the 2010-11 version of it, is now officially impossible to figure.

Everyone has lost at least two games - no surprise there, since we haven't seen a perfect season since Indiana in 1975-76. Additionally, no team in a Division I conference has gone through the league schedule without a blemish - that's much more rare.

While only three teams have held the no. 1 spot in the rankings (Duke, Ohio State, Kansas), several others, from Pittsburgh to Texas to BYU and San Diego State, have all nudged up close to the top spot, and could still. Of course, the polls are just window-dressing, but the tightness further reflects this season's total lack of consensus.

And with that a backdrop, we now enter March - the best month of the year - with absolutely no idea what to expect.

Oh yeah, and there's three more teams that will get invited to the NCAA Dance, giving us 68 in the field. Every indication is that the tournament committee will really have to dig deep to find those 37 at-larges. The offshoot is that whoever does get left out has little right to complain.

This brings me to what's turned into the most annoying part of the lead-up to the Dance. I don't care one whit what any so-called "Bracketologist" says. Who cares if you get 67 of 68 selections right? I could figure that out and not get mentioned 50,000 times on TV between now and Selection Sunday.

These guys (and you know who I'm talking about) have done everything possible to take the fun out of the last weeks leading up to the tournament. With God-like certainty, they tell you who's in or who's out, with zero real authority.

It's one enormous ego trip that takes the spotlight away from the players and teams fighting so hard to get into the tournament.

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