Opinion: Good Questions Deserve Good Answers

Fourth, I do not believe that it is the place of government to "store up" taxpayer money, as it is rightfully theirs. Per the recommendations of the New York State and Onondaga County Comptroller's Office, a recommendation was made to keep a balance of approximately 12 percent on hand. This was also recommended by various bond rating companies when the Town's bond rating was improved after months of work on this issue.

Lastly, the town board could have achieved a zero percent tax increase this year which is why I voted against Judy Boyke's budget, which called for an increase in taxes for Cicero residents this year. The notion of raising taxes-whether a little or modestly-is the reason why this State is in such financial discord. Should anyone wish to call, email or meet with me regarding any town of Cicero issue, please do not hesitate as I am always open to answer questions and talk about ways we can work together to make Cicero the best it can be.

JJim Corl, Jr. is a Cicero Town Councilor.

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