F-M voters: Watch your wallet

The private effort to fund this turf field and "gift it" to the school district is noble but there is a catch. It appears the group wants it all and they want it their way. They are shunting the district's voters who solidly rejected the turf field not once, but twice - overwhelmingly the last time. And to think that the school board would not accept the gift is absurd - they were all for it both times it was forced on voters. Nothing has been said about a guarantee for the total amount for field replacement going forward. That's because there are no guarantees except for the fact that the turf field will need regular replacing and costs will go up as we all know. It is also my understanding that several school board members generously contributed to this fund. Have they or any of the other generous donors simultaneously gifted money to an escrow account for field replacement?

Remember, if that field goes in, the fact is it will need replacing forever, at close to seven-year intervals (manufacturer's warrantees cap at seven years for a reason). And when the field has to be replaced, guess who is going to pay for it? It would be a burden on the taxpayers who did not vote and have no say on this matter. And then ... guess what? When field replacement time comes, look for an inclusion in a future budget proposal or another referendum from capital reserves down the road to get people who didn't vote it to pay for it.

For whatever personal reasons voters rejected the turf field (financial, any number of health-related issues, or other), this group is absolutely determined to have their way no matter how the objectors feel about it.

Warren Linhart us a Fayetteville-Manlius School District resident.

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