F-M voters: Watch your wallet

If this referendum passes, the majority of the money will come from capital reserves (property taxes) with the remaining 25 percent (or so) coming from the state, which is broke. Everyone complains about taxes. The district can only tap into the reserve money with voter approval. If you disagree with the level of importance of at least one or more of the many tacked-on projects to this referendum (like on a bill in Congress), there is no line item veto here, it passes or it fails.

No tax impact? Capital reserve money comes from taxpayers. Vote down future approval of capital reserves and force projects to be presented and voted upon individually and not have them lumped together. Any homeowner will tell you that not every project they face is absolutely critical.

Want more? The school district has plenty of projects in the hopper in various states of readiness to unveil far down the road that most taxpayers haven't heard about yet; these projects will all need funding. New York state's economic woes are not going to turn around magically or quickly, so with significantly less school aid coming in and obligatory mandates increasing rapidly, money has to come from somewhere. Get ready to open up your wallets and then reconsider the need to replenish the capital reserves for lumped-together projects you might not agree with.

And then there is the ongoing issue of the F-M turf field. Look for an announcement that the core organizing group behind this effort has achieved their pledge goal of $1.8 million after the referendum vote next Tuesday. Think about the release of information concerning funds raised as being similar to a telethon - a significant amount of the money pledged is known well ahead of the few incremental updates that get announced. To come out and state the group has reached their goal ahead of time would short circuit any last minute pledges but it would also divert attention from the school board's immediate goal to get that $10.5 million referendum passed.

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