F-M voters: Watch your wallet

F-M residents, did you read the latest school district newsletter?

This is to convince you to vote for the $10.5 million referendum on March 1, next Tuesday. In large print on the front page, it said "with no expected property tax impact." Expected? That means maybe. Let's face facts: New York state's deficit is beyond critical, far worse than when the recession hit in 2008.

The state is hemorrhaging red ink and is now forced to make deep, painful program cuts. Layoffs are happening. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that the mindset of spend, spend, spend, needs to be corralled immediately. It is out of control, yet those who seek the money think funding for their project(s) is essential and should be immune. During the state of the State address in January, Governor Andrew Cuomo bluntly announced schools will be getting significantly less funding, and while on the subject of schools, he specifically called into question the bloated salaries of school district superintendents. No doubt they don't agree with that.

F-M's $10.5 million referendum includes many projects with a laundry list of reasons why every single project is critical and has to happen right now. The school board wants it all. It's interesting that there wasn't a peep about a bus garage or transportation office or lockers when they forced the turf stadium project proposal on voters. Much like a politician stumping for "their candidate," this newsletter was carefully timed to arrive just in time to draw support for the referendum right before the vote takes place. Federal stimulus money already figured in is ending, yet the current projected deficit for the F-M district is still in seven figures. Then there is the remaining carry over debt from past projects. The timing could not be worse for spending.

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