B'ville: Baker HS to present 'Titanic'

Baker High School will present the Tony Award winning musical "Titanic" at 7 p.m. March 10, 11 and 12, and at 1 p.m. March 12 in the school auditorium. The musical depicts the tragic story of the RMS Titanic, which sunk in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912, and the last days of many of its passengers.

Tickets are $8, $10 and $12 and can be purchased by calling the box office at 638-6039.

The cast and crew of the musical are as follows:

Officers and Crew

    Thomas Andrews: Ryan Sparkes

J. Bruce Ismay: Matt Noll

Capt. E.J. Smith: Andrey Peshko

First Officer Murdoch: Brandon McArdell

Second Officer Lightoller: Zach Meyers

Third Officer Pitman: Taylor Woods

Fourth Officer Boxhall: Zach Brown

Quarter Master Hitchens: Brendan O'Toole

Harold Bride: John Arquette, III

Frederick Barrett: Dan Mullarney

Frederick Fleet: Alec Funiciello

Joseph Bell: Mr. Michael Scuderi

Henry Etches: David Magowan

Bellboy: Julie Keefe

First Class Passengers

    Isidor Strauss: Sean Honsinger

Ida Strauss: Nancy Canning

John Astor: Mr. David Malecki

Madeleine Astor: Maggie Walsh

Benjamin Guggenheim: Mr. John Kenney

Madame Aubert: Mrs. Sue Schumacher

John Thayer: Andrew Cuccaro

Marion Thayer: Erin Polatas

Jack Thayer: Cooper Foote

George Widener: Mr. Paul Burke

Eleanor Widener: Mrs. Alyce Bullis

Charlotte Cardoza: Zoe Harter Saunders

Edith Corse Evans: Jordan Reilley

J.H. Rogers: Zach Brown

The Major: Taylor Woods

Second Class Passengers

    Alice Beane: Molly Makowiec

Edgar Beane: Steve Moynihan

Charles Clark: Wesley Wittcopp

Caroline Neville: Micaela Burke

Third Class Passengers

    Jim Farrell: Alex Haima

Kate McGowan: Bridget Conway

Kate Mullins: Jenny Hall

Kate Murphy: Julianna Grabowski

The Band

    Bandmaster: Mr. Michael Scuderi

Bandsmen: Zach Brown, Brendan O'Toole

Other Crew and Staff: Kevin Brown, Cayman Burke, Zach Colton, Emily Denniston, Morgan Noone, Clarissa Pedrotti, Bradley Porceng, Lona Sharpstene, Michael Stapleton, Dave Tack and Emily Thompson.

Other Passengers: Kevin Brown, Cayman Burke, Zach Colton, Elise Conklin, Joanna Damiano, Emily Denniston, Alec Funiciello, Chelsea Gell, Deanna Gerde, Grace Geno, Katie Grabowski, Julie Keefe, Chloe Leibrick, Brandon McArdell, Eve Mercer, Zach Meyers, Tessa Minardi, Morgan Noone, Clarissa Pedrotti, Nicole Peinkofer, Irina Peshko, Bradley Porceng, Hayley Roberts, Jamie Robinson, Katie Schumacher, Lona Sharpstene, Emily Siddall, Michael Stapleton, Dave Tack, Emily Thompson and Alaynna Wallon.

On Shore

    Frank Carlson: Carlos Clemenz

Dancers: Chloe Leibrick, Deanna Gerde, Emily Siddall

Stage Managers: Billy Swenson and Carlos Clemenz

Stage Crew: Katie Byrne, Emily Dengler, David Hutter, Nate James, Ryan Peters, Nate Porceng, Nick Rivers and Aaron Stolicker.

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