True Facts and Figures on the Brewerton Revitalization Project

This investment paid off many times over with the awarding of more than $1 million in federal and state grants, including a $750,000 grant awarded through Sen. Charles Schumer's office and a $250,000 grant obtained, with the help of state Sen. Dave Valesky, through the state's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. With Democratic federal and state legislators working with the previous Republican town board, the Brewerton project was truly a bi-partisan effort.

However, grants cannot sit unused forever. If the administration's indifference toward Brewerton continues the town will lose the grants and nothing will be done. The goal of the Brewerton Revitalization Project is to spruce up and restore the luster to a historically rich, but long neglected waterfront community. A revitalized Brewerton will increase recreational use of the waterfront and attract shops, restaurants and other businesses. This then will boost the town's tax base, increase sales tax revenues and benefit all Cicero residents.

Today the town board stands at the crossroads of Brewerton's future. One road leads to a Brewerton that will be a boon to our town and a community in which we can all be proud. The

other road, the road of indifference and inaction, leads to missed opportunities and a Brewerton that is just another drive-through Route 11 hamlet.

Jim Corl, Jr. and Vern Conway are town councilors in the town of Cicero.

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