True Facts and Figures on the Brewerton Revitalization Project

We wanted to correct and clarify recent inaccuracies about the Brewerton Revitalization Project that unfortunately have reported several times as facts by the local media. Equally unfortunate is the current Cicero town administration's continued willingness to perpetuate these inaccuracies for its own political gain.

For several months it has been reported that the town of Cicero has spent a million dollars on the Brewerton project and not a shovel of dirt has been overturned. A million dollars? Really? The only expenditure authorized by the town board, so far, has been the hiring in 2008 of the project's architect Saratoga Associates. And the town is not even paying the entire architectural cost.

The work of Saratoga Associates, which is currently determining the project's needs and scope, is subsidized by a state grant that will cover half of the firm's cost. That means the town of Cicero will pay $113,876.64 for the study and the state will pay the balance. The architectural study is the first phase of a four-phase redevelopment project. The first phase has yet to be completed and work on the remaining three phases is yet to be approved.

To date the town has paid $111,376.66 for Saratoga Associates' work, a far cry from the $1 million cited by the town administration. No additional monies have been spent on the Brewerton project. In its fuzzy mathematical analysis, the town administration also misleadingly states that between 2006 through 2009 more than $400,000 was spent on the Brewerton project in economic development fees and related legal costs. This also is not true.

According to information I received from the town comptroller's office, a total of $480,028.45 was spent on ALL economic development and related legal fees in that four-year period. This total includes costs connected with infrastructure projects, such as the rebuilding of Circle Drive ($250,000.00 grant obtained), and several business projects including the Kinney Distribution Center, the Lowe's Home Improvement store, the Syracuse Research Corp., JADAK, Braun, ICM and the redevelopment of Hancock Airpark to name a few.

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