Letters: Week of Feb. 16

Wanderer's Rest grateful for continued support

To the editor:

Wanderers' Rest Humane Association is grateful for the annual support of the United Community Chest of the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson.

Our purpose is to shelter lost or unwanted cats and dogs, reunite as many as possible with their families and to prepare as many more as possible for adoption into permanent, loving homes.

The support of the Community Chest both enables and validates this work. We are very thankful.

Glenn H. Ivers

Executive Director

Wanderers' Rest Humane Society

Special thanks to good Samaritans

To the editor:

My trip from Central Virginia to Central New York was uneventful, until just south of DeRuyter, when all of a sudden I found myself spinning out of control. I landed in a snow bank, hopelessly stuck.

The first gentleman to come by stopped to be sure I was okay. The second gentleman offered to return with a tractor and rescue me. I gratefully accepted, and he did just that.

After less than half an hour, I was again on the road to Cazenovia. I want to express my thanks to both of these gentlemen. I'll be back for the Franklin Trek in August and will be pleased to take them for a ride in my 1903 Franklin.

Charles Johnson

Poor food choices plague Americans' bodies and bank accounts

To the editor:

More and more, I find myself pondering the following questions: What is food? What is food to the average consumer? What motivates our purchasing choices? What drives us to choose one product over another?

The United States Department of Agriculture boasts six food groups in their pyramid: dairy, vegetables, meats, grains, oils, and fruit. Yet, we recently learned about the alleged "seasoned beef" found at a popular fast food chain is only "about 36 percent meat" (CBS News, January 2011).

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