There were 55 trap shooters on the range

On Saturday, Jan. 29, at 0900, five riflemen met at our range to fire our regular weekly high power match. The temperature was 24 degrees, the clouds were broken, and the wind was calm. Everyone fired the A Course of the John C. Garand Match as fired at Camp Perry at the National Shooting Matches.

Dave Spearing won the match with his Russian Mosin, model 91/30 of 1934, in 7.62X54R mm caliber and hitting 88-1X+87-1X+87=262-2X's. He would have won a bronze medal at Camp Perry and we all congratulate him. Ron Troch fired his Lee-Enfield in .303 British caliber, and hit 93-1X+90+74=257-1X. Chuck Chernoff fired his Springfield made 1998 .30-40 Krag-Jorgensen and hit 91-1X+90-1X+72=253-2X's. Paul Straka fired his Smith-Corona made '03-A3 and hit 91+92+62=245. I fired my Remington made '03-A3 and hit 93- 3X's+73+71=237-3X's.

Four of us went to the fine Willow Glen Caf for beverages after the match. Aryana poured and Chernoff paid. We all thank them both.

On Sunday morning, Jan. 30, an estimated fifty-five trap shooters, including three ladies and three each of juniors, and sub-juniors, fired the 5th week of the 10 week winter league.

During the shoot, there was a light snow falling and the temperature was 20 degrees. Dave Bean won the match with a perfect 25. 23's were fired by Ron Roberts and Greg Martin. The three ladies were led by Nikki Hai with 18 hits. The juniors were led by Brandon Murray with 14, and the sub-juniors were led by Patrick Greenfield with 20. Congratulations to you all.

Tuesday night, Feb. 1, six hand gun shooters fired the 18th shoot of the winter league. There were no center fire shooters. Chuck Chernoff won the match with a rim fire score of 263- 2X's. Dick Bailer hit 238 and Paul Straka got 220. Stuart Cook shot two handed rim fire and got 221-6X's. Congratulations to you all.

Shoot safely.

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