Turns out, it was just more TV hype

I have been criticized that no one is interested in all my machinations about furnaces (etc.) last week. I have been instructed to stick with people and animals. Oh, well, a few people liked it.I misdialed a number which I do from time to time as my fingers are fat and the keyboard is tight and very sensitive. Instead of "six" I dialed a "five" and left a message.A short time later a charming lady called back to tell me that my intended message was on her machine. It turns out that she was a reader of my column and a graduate engineer and she said she really enjoyed the column about furnaces. We had a nice discussion about C.AC (constant air circulation) for furnace control setup. We were about to move into the machinations of the outdrive on the "Samuel Clyde", my canal cruiser, when it was time for her to fetch the children from school.

I thought that Mr. Lemon's picture looked really nice in the paper last week. It had a yellow cast as it was taken in the evening under indoor light. It seems as if the new cameras can take pictures inside a pocket. I took pictures in the Vatican Museum which showed a red color I could not see in the wall hangings and with my own eyes.I'm writing this on Tuesday afternoon and everyone is worried about the "Big Snow." I don't think any of us will ever see a snow like 1966. We had a heavy snow Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and then a strong northeast wind brought in the cold and drifted the snow into hardpacked drifts which were very hard to get around. One of the big County Oshkosh snow fighter V. plows broke down at the village line on Route 41and stayed there until Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon the roads were sort of open and you could sneak around and see the sights. Late in the day Hurley Van Holtz, a mainstay of the John Dougherty Company, arrived with a D6 CAT bulldozer and punched out our fire lane D (now known as Day Lane). He had been in the saddle for about 12 hours when he got here and was going to keep going until it got too dark. Snow removal has gotten better as new pickup trucks, plows, drives and transmissions have been improved. They are a far cry from Ted Chappell's Jeep. Ted took good care of us on Fire Lane D for many years and had friends who could get us out if his vehicle was overpowered.

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