Paranormal investigator surfaces in Liverpool

Unusual is the norm for Liverpool resident Mark Falso, founder and chief investigator of the new Upstate New York Truth Hunters organization. Created in November 2010, UPNYTH focuses on the investigation of paranormal, UFO and cryptozoological, or prehistoric animal, activities.

Falso has been a professional paranormal investigator for about one year, though he has experienced paranormal and unusual occurrences since childhood. He said his first experience with the paranormal was at age five, when he witnessed a small flaming creature on multiple occasions.

In 1977 Falso helped in the investigation of a UFO sighting on Onondaga Hill, and in 2002, he witnessed a prehistoric bird fly past his windshield while driving down 481. Since then, Flaso has led approximately 20 investigations.

Falso was quick to explain that paranormal investigation is different than ghost hunting in the fact that ghost hunting is simply done for fun. He conducts investigations with his wife, Tara, and sister, Cherie Falso. On only one in every four investigations does the crew experience any paranormal activity.

Falso created UPNYTH to help families when they are concerned about their children having imaginary friends, or those that feel something is present in their homes.

While Falso is deaf, he said nothing stops him from conducting investigations, and that his other senses, especially his vision are heightened. His wife and sister act as the "ears" for the group.

A successful investigation concludes with solid evidence that paranormal activity actually took place. The organization proves these encounters by using a digital camera, a film camera, a stethoscope to hear if noises coming from the walls or pipes, a laser to see if the light moves if a ghost passes through it, an EVP and binoculars for the wood or UFO sightings. The EVP recorder flashes with light when a ghost is present, and flashes with "answers" when ghosts are asked a question. Falso said it's often one flash for "no," two flashes for "yes."

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