Passing the torch…kind of

Jacob and Cassidy took to the slopes for the first time at Four Seasons in Fayetteville.

Jacob and Cassidy took to the slopes for the first time at Four Seasons in Fayetteville. Photo by Jennifer Wing.

Now that the kids are getting older they’re breaking new ground in a lot of ways – Cassidy is learning multiplication and division; Jacob is playing basketball and excelling in his own schoolwork. One first the kids had last month was their first ski (Cassidy) and snowboard (Jacob) lessons.

Held at Four Seasons in Fayetteville, the lessons are given by instructors much younger than I, who have a natural, easy manner about them which automatically sets the kids at ease.

At the beginning of the lesson, I held my breath as I watched my son take his first tumble on his snowboard. Before I knew it, he was upright yet again and bombing down the hill to his next spill. Dusting himself off, he was up and running again.

Similarly, Cassidy took off down the hill at full bore on her skis. Her first fall was pretty spectacular, with a cloud of snow momentarily hiding her from my horrified eyes. It took her a bit longer to get upright than it did Jacob, since she has two sticks attached to her feet compared to his one, larger board.

She nonetheless shrugged off the wipeout and was game for another go. With encouragement from her instructor, she learned to snowplow and stop. Although it seemed she would fall more often than not, as she continued down on subsequent runs it was obvious she was picking up the sport pretty easily.

Jacob, meanwhile, was showing his inherent athleticism by making it down the hill without a single fall. I’m not sure where he gets his balance, but it is definitely not something he inherited from me.

My husband and I both ski ourselves, but have not been on the hill for a some time. Eric is self-taught, and quite good.

My experience learning to ski was quite a bit different from Eric’s and my children’s, however.

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