Farewell to ‘Legislator’ Lesniak

— What do you plan to do now that you are retiring? Specifically, what will you do on your first official day of retirement?

My first official day out of office, I will probably celebrate the New Year with family and friends. After that I plan on continuing to work my regular job for a few more months before I retire from their employment.

What has been the most difficult issue to handle during your tenure?

I would have to say the most difficult issue during my tenure has been the difficult budgets for the last three years. For this area to grow, we cannot continue to tax the people of Onondaga County the way we do. This county, state and school have built such a tax burden on the residents and business that there is no incentive for a company to move here. Without jobs for the residents of Onondaga County people move and the tax burden gets bigger on the rest of us. Many states tax for the schools from income tax, not property tax. This allows a company to locate in a state with a very low property tax bill and creates jobs.

In your opinion, what has been your "legacy" in the county legislature?

One of the issues that I spearhead at the legislature was a solar panel for Beaver Lake Nature Center. This solar panel has worked out very well for savings to the county and an educational tool for the visitors. The other accomplishment was the rebuilding of our 911 radio system. We had a system that did not allow fire departments or police agencies to communicate at an emergency. I was very pleased to see this system replaced with a system that is now being used as the regional model around the state.

What did you enjoy most about serving residents of the first district?

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