The end of outrage

In sports, like life, people mess up, so why act surprised?

Yes, Conlin got that Spink honor from that same Baseball Writers Association of America that, once every 12 months, gets to decide go into the Hall of Fame. We’ve all seen how they have, and will, rail and gnash teeth about the PED era and make sure that no one associated with it ever gets close to the required 75 percent of votes.

Heck, they gave Jeff Bagwell just 41.7 percent the first time around, all on the assumption that he did some kind of steroids. No positive test, no admission, no proof, just assumptions that might be completely false. Again, no one wants to be on the wrong side, so they just go for the clean side, even if nothing is dirty. Huh?

Here’s an idea, media and fans alike. The next time in 2012 (and it may be about Jan. 7 or so), when you hear about some alleged misdeed by a sports figure, take a deep breath and realize that it won’t be the first, and it won’t be the last, so it’s more healthy to just put your faith in something dependable – if that even exists.

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