City Scuffle: GOP candidates talkin’ primary, school that is

And just as the promise of hope put Obama over the top in 2008, Newt Gingrich enters the fray with a focus on doom, warning of potential for an electromagnetic pulse, an electric shock wave from a nuclear detonation knocking out circuits, computers, cellphones and cars. According to Gingrich, “Millions would die in the first week alone. We have zero national strategy to respond to it today. It’s like going aboard the Titanic knowing it’s going to sink and not putting on the lifeboats. That is why I favor taking out the Iranian and North Korean missiles on their sites.”

Sanity in the midst of silliness

It all kind of makes you miss Sarah Palin, who could have combined for a talking dream team with Herman Cain running as co-presidents, but at least some sanity has been injected to the primary process by Jon Huntsman, recipient of a Joe Klein 2011 Teddy Award, for countering Republican rhetorical silliness on evolution and global warming, and offering a plan to break up the big banks “and move our economy, in the long term, back toward productive investment and away from speculation.”

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