City Scuffle: GOP candidates talkin’ primary, school that is

While President Obama has expected, and for the most part dealt evenly, with a stream of criticism from Republican presidential primary contenders, he also faces a less publicized but equally steady hammering from his Green Party challenger Dr. Jill Stein, most recently for a White House overruling of the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to expand access to the Morning After Pill.

“The Obama administration is clearly more concerned about political battle over access to contraceptives during an election year than the health of millions of women in the U.S.,” said Stein, a graduate and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Recent polling indicates that more than 40 percent of American voters would like to have the opportunity to vote for a third party candidate, and while the Greens have been struggling for the past generation to fill that role, now rumblings from supporters of GOP contender Ron Paul articulate hopes that their champion will lead them in establishing a new ballot line. They call for a party fiscally conservative, but socially liberal, a party with a platform of gay rights and gun rights and an end to the war on drugs. A current poll shows Obama running even with Mitt Romney head to head, but winning comfortably in a three-way race with Paul.

Gingrich brings doom to Republican rhetoric

Perhaps the most significant contribution to Obama’s reelection bid has been the continuing clown show the Republican primary debates have become. The major competition among the candidates seems to be finding out who can sound the silliest. There have been doozies, but the current frontrunner is unquestionably Rick Perry. “Was it was before he was before the social programs,” Perry sputtered, throwing a barb at Romney, “from the standpoint of he was for standing up for Roe v. Wade before he was against Roe v. Wade?”

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