Wigge Reviews: The Sitter

It was my choice to see “The Sitter.” I chose poorly.

To begin with there are few life lessons any movie can provide me about sitters. My mother was a widow who dated and, as a kid, I had every psychotic sitter scenario you can imagine. If you don’t expect new insights on the subject, then at least you expect a few laughs and some entertainment.

“The Sitter” offers neither.

It was a near remake of “Adventures in Babysitting.” Whereas “Adventures” was funny, charming, and well-paced, “The Sitter” was boring and offensive.

Just to be clear, “The Sitter” is a comedy roadshow, as opposed to … a slasher/horror show. You begin with the tall, arrogant dad, the zaftig mom in the low-cut dress, all in the big fancy house. Enter Noah (Jonah Hill) the reluctant, schlubby sitter who is quickly confronted with the demon children of all variants. There is the Jonbenet Ramsey wannabe; the sensitive 13 year-old boy with (boy) issues and the adopted Latino pyromaniac.

Poor Noah gets a call from his heartless heartthrob enjoying a party in lower Manhattan. She makes an offer of his miserable lifetime if only he will meet her, and just make one (slightly illegal) stop on the way.

Noah piles the kids in the car and they are off to the city. (Hint: Chain the kids to their seats.)

This motley crew encounters numerous gross vignettes, pulling out all of the old clichés. I like Jonah Hill. In his earlier movies, he made me laugh out loud for his unapologetic, fat, wise guy approach to his roles. But, you will not laugh at what is blatantly tasteless and not funny.

Such is “The Sitter.”

Jim Wigge is a Cazenovia resident and long-time film-aficionado. After retiring from his career as an engineer, he has shifted his focus to reviewing movies for the Cazenovia Republican. He can be reached through the editor, at editor@cazenoviarepublican.com.

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