Doing the math together

— Of the 250 millionaires in Congress, who are the inventors and the innovators? Is the uneducated star athlete really worth that many times more than the ignored teachers along the way?

It’s no secret that I don’t share Republican philosophy.

Yes, I am an Obama fan, but I do wish he’d approach a few things differently.

After the government fails to get anything done, at the end of the day, it’s on his watch, whether or not it’s his fault. If there’s a fire, you have to put it out, even if you’ve already used your share of the water and the rich won’t empty their swimming pools.

In actuality, the silent majority represents millions of pockets of decent minorities rendered humbled, hoarse and sometimes voiceless, living their lives of anonymity in relative comfort.

We vote our parties, read our newspapers and get to choose between network channels and cable, as if choice is not a god given reward of being, but a patriotically wrapped product from the ever benevolent stanchions of capitalism.

I take offence when the various titans tussle, wagering the lives of mere mortals as if we were coins in their pockets, but though I’d rather be a protest singer on the White House lawn than a member of the dance band on the Titanic, I still don’t want to see the ship go down.

I like the idea of reduced government spending and I also think we have to raise taxes, not just for the rich, but for everyone. We can all pay more and do more, because in our hearts, we can be as rich as Warren Buffet.

We can put more teachers to work if they can live with a little less. It’s the same with builders and plumbers and mechanics. We could do with a few less cable channels. We can survive with more inexpensive homes, cars and clothes.

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