Addressing lies and half-truths

Letters to the editor

— To the editor:

My name is Barry Bullis; I am a Republican and have been nominated by my party for re-election as supervisor of the Town of Lysander. Mr. Frederic R. Burtch is challenging me for this nomination. Contrary to Mr. Burtch’s allegations, I don’t “destroy” people in the press; that’s not my style. I will, however, address the lies and half-truths he has spread in his campaign literature and publications.

The accomplishments of my administration over the past 16 years are well documented starting with removing hundreds of trucks per day from downtown B’Ville by extending Brundage Rd. to the AB brewery and most recently obtaining a $1.2 M grant for the Whispering Oaks sewer project. Mr. Burtch claims I will not debate him on the issues facing our town. First, Mr. Burtch has never asked me to debate him and second, the only issues he has raised are based on personal attacks and fabrication. There is nothing “broken” in Lysander. Town tax rates are among the lowest in central New York and growth continues at unprecedented levels. My opponent has not raised any factual issues relevant to Town Government because there are none. A legitimate candidate would campaign on issues. A negative, destructive campaign can only lead to an untrustworthy public official.

Contrary to my opponent’s assertion, I do not now, nor have I ever, had my health insurance paid for by the town. His claim that I cast the deciding town board vote to give myself full-time pay for part-time work is yet another falsehood. When I first became supervisor the population of Lysander was growing rapidly and the Town Supervisor position began to require more and more time. In 2003 the Board decided that Lysander needed a full time supervisor representing the interest of its residents and increased the salary accordingly through the budget adoption process which included a public hearing. Mr. Burtch says that he will reduce his salary by 25% if he is elected, and I assume his hours as he has a business to run. To reduce the salary, and hours, and then pay lawyers and engineers to do the work will cost more in the long run. Lysander taxpayers deserve a full time Supervisor to administer the business of a multi-million dollar municipal operation. Anything less would be a mistake.

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