An old promise, unkept

School Is In

— SED also created the state “report cards,” which reflect the downturn in success against the higher standards, and continual finger pointing at the school-level educators whose efforts to support student learning have been neither supported nor adequately funded.  

The SED has a proven track record of using the pronoun “we” for the successes it takes credit for, and the pronoun “you” to refer to educators, particularly when reporting “outcomes that do not match expectations.”

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with creating standards.  There have always been standards, and they have always been created and evaluated by educators.  Codifying and producing statewide standards was a perfectly fine idea that should have created a guide and means for improving education statewide.

But there will continue to be a marked discrepancy between effort and result, dedication and outcome, and the general perception of success and failure, until someone with the power, ability and courage to publicly equate results with the capacity to achieve them makes good on a 16-year-old promise to do so.

Herm Card is a former teacher with more than 32 years of classroom experience and 20 years as a professional development consultant. His column runs bi-weekly in The Eagle. Reach him at herm4444@gmail.com.

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