Meaningful wedding photos:

Five things every bride should know

As a photographer I certainly honor the wishes of my clients; however I have witnessed some truly romantic moments between a bride and groom when they first catch a glimpse of each other and no one else is around. During this time I take on more of a documentary style of photography and shoot from a vantage point where the bride and groom forget I’m even there. These can be some of the most romantic images a photographer can get and ones most couples truly cherish.

In addition to creating romantic images meeting your groom before the ceremony reduces the amount of time you’ll need for pictures after the ceremony. If your groom is anything like mine was, he may want to go straight to the reception and party with your guests. Haven taken many of your pictures before hand, you can have those large group family pictures taken and then head straight into the party.

Tip 3: Make a list of people you want a picture with

I have had several friends eagerly await the pictures from their special day; only to look through them and then realize they never got a picture with their favorite Aunt. This disappointment can be easily avoided by creating a list of all individuals you want a picture with.

Be sure to give this list ahead of time to your photographer. I also suggest having one of your bridesmaids on hand to assist the photographer in recognizing the people on the list, and act at the gopher to go and your aunt in case she has wondered into the reception. This may be obvious to some, but be sure that this bridesmaid knows most of the individuals on the list. It helps to have someone who can easily spot individuals in a crowd. Side note: I also tell my brides to inform their families to stay after the ceremony for pictures, so they know ahead of time not to run off into the reception.

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