Gestapo tactics here in Lysander

— Quoting James Cagney on the great old movie “Mr. Roberts”, “Who Did It”? Someone or some organization has hired William B. Sullivan from Forensic Consulting Specialities Inc. to dig up anything he can on Supervisor Candidate Fred Burtch. Fred is not one of my best friends by any means, but he doesn’t deserve this.

Mr. Sullivan was at Village Hall Wednesday and Town Hall Friday FOILing all and everything in existence on Mr. Burtch. Who is behind this is the real question. The Lysander Republican Committee can’t be because you would never get 40 members to agree to this and allow themselves to be associated with this kind of activity. Now who else would suffer the most by a Fred Burtch victory?

There is B&L Engineering, but they know this would be unethical. Now let’s look deeper. Barry can’t afford to lose this run at state pension. Barry brought retired police officer Lisa Dell into the fold to be town clerk. By the way, Lisa had to suffer through the FOIL requests with Mr. Sullivan.

Anyone out there who ever FOILed Town Hall Knows you never walk away with your information. I think Mr. Sullivan did, but not sure. Another retired police officer and candidate on Barry’s ticket is Norm Ashbary, a great guy who retired from the State Police, and who wants to be town justice but is running for counselor.

I placed a call Friday afternoon to the Onondaga Republican Committee Headquarters and left a message with Tom Dadey. I would never believe Tom would tolerate this kind of activity on his watch. I can assure you the responsible party will be exposed and publicly. This Gestapo state created by Mr. Bullis for Mr. Bullis will not be tolerated in Lysander.

Andrew Reeves is a resident of Lysander.

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