Lysander supervisor candidate shares viewpoint

— I’m writing this letter because I’d like to be your next Lysander Town Supervisor. But regardless of whether I win or lose the Republican primary, you deserve to know the truth. My opponent, Barry Bullis, has been town supervisor since 1995, and before that was the Republican Committee Chairman since 1982. You would think that Mr. Bullis would campaign by stressing his past accomplishments and future vision for our town. But, he has already informed my supporters that he will win this election by destroying me in the press, and I believe him because he’s done it before.

Mr. Bullis will try to destroy me because it’s the only way he knows how to fight. He forces opponents to defend themselves, which distracts the people from the real issues at hand. That’s how Mr. Bullis fights folks who speak out against him or his political friends. And this is how he conducts his campaigns. So I’m not surprised that Mr. Bullis says he’ll try to destroy me during this campaign, too. But, why does he conduct himself this way? Why won’t he debate the issues and propose solutions to our problems? Mr. Bullis would rather try to belittle his opponents than debate the issues, because he has no solutions and he is the problem.

Unlike Mr. Bullis, I’m willing to debate the issues and to offer solutions to our problems, because unlike Mr. Bullis, I’m willing to invest the time and effort in our town’s future. After all, I personally walked door-to-door throughout the town of Lysander to obtain more than 525 signatures on a petition to allow me to run against Mr. Bullis in the Republican primary election on Sept. 13. Mr. Bullis managed to collect only 40 signatures.

Unlike Mr. Bullis, who’s lived off the taxpayers of this town for his pension and healthcare benefits, I’m a self-made man. Unlike Mr. Bullis, I put myself through college and graduate school, earning degrees in business and economics. I’ve worked in the private sector my entire life, and I own and operate my own business. Unlike Mr. Bullis, who has voted himself a pay raise as supervisor every year for the past 15 years, I haven’t raised my service fees for years, because I know that times are tough. Unlike Mr. Bullis, who cast the deciding town board vote in 2003 to give himself full-time pay for part-time work, I will reduce that salary by 25 percent if I am elected.

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