In total opposition to hydrofracking

In total opposition to hydrofracking

To the editor:

I would like to express my total opposition to allowing the natural gas industry to install “hydrofracking” wells in our region or, for that matter, in any region.

The reasons why this practice is to be condemned are too numerous to list them at this point: be it sufficient to say that at those locations where hydrofracking has been allowed, the residents’ lives have been severely disrupted to the point for those unfortunate people to consider relocating, only to find out that their property value had plummeted.

It is not simply people’s quality of life that is being compromised, but, indeed, their health both physical (due to environmental contamination) and mental (due to the industrial encroachment in their daily activity and the fear of long term effects of so many chemical contaminants affecting their physical well being and — even more — that of their future generations).

In consideration of the above I, as a physician, a responsible citizen, a lover of the environment, a patriarch of a rather large family and a property owner, would like to see our government follow the example of the wise people of New Jersey who have banned this outrageous practice from the entire state!



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