The state of the Skaneateles Lake Association

To the editor:

The Milfoil Eradication Project is progressing well. The two crews are now starting to pick up the geotextile mats laid out in late spring, mostly in the southern portion of the lake. If funds allow, some newly identified small patches in the northern end can also be pulled before the season ends.

The source of funds this year is from SLA membership dues and from several individual larger donations.

Looking ahead, we can’t depend solely on large donations from a relatively few to sustain the project. We know it will be up to us, the private concerned citizen, to keep the milfoil eradication effort going, since participation of the city of Syracuse has not materialized, despite our sincere efforts.

The hope is to have a large membership in the Skaneateles Lake Association with low dues, in order to spread the “pain” and have enough funds available to pay for milfoil control and other projects. In addition to the annual control and maintenance of milfoil, other invasive species, such as Asian Clams, and perhaps even Asian Carp will need to be targeted, soon.

At a rate of $100 dues annually, my hope was to have at least 1,000 SLA members in 2011 and perhaps many more in 2012. Our membership is over 200 at this time, many of whom have “kicked in” over the $100 dues. This is wonderful. It has enabled us to proceed with the milfoil project this season.

Also, many dedicated volunteers have worked many hours to help publicize the efforts of the SLA, including the upgrading and further development of our terrific website, SkaneatelesLake.org. I encourage all to check it out. It has valuable information regarding the threat of milfoil growth, other invasive species, and hydrofracking.

I’m asking all of us who have joined the lake association to enthusiastically contact five others who have not joined as of yet (check the list of active members on the website) and encourage them to join by going to the website and clicking on “Become a Member”. If we can accomplish this over the next few weeks we will be in good shape going forward. If we’re not successful “spreading the word” and continuing with a strong association, I am afraid our unique clear and pure lake will degrade at a much more rapid rate. What a shame for our children and grandchildren!

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