— “I just wanted to see if we could try it on our own to save our money on real estate expenses, I suppose,” Macintosh said.

The Macintoshes had access to the guidance of a real estate attorney, a family friend, as well as an agent in the family, whose advice made the process much easier. And the couple decided that if by the end of the summer they hadn’t had “significant interest” in the house, they’d find an agent.

But by August, the house was currently under contract with a buyer, and Macintosh said they hope to close in the second week of September.

For Strathmore resident Sam Haines, selling by owner allows a more personal approach that emphasizes the time and money put into restoring a historic home.

The house Haines has listed on two sell-it-yourself sites belonged to an elderly neighbor, and became a house-flipping project for his wife last winter, he said.

The Haines have lived in Strathmore neighborhood for more than 30 years, and they hoped updating the neighboring house before it went on the market would help maintain the neighborhood’s character.

“She thought it would be a fun project and it might prevent the house from becoming a rental property with just a quick coat of paint,” Haines said, calling the house “a neighborhood improvement activity.”

The house was fixed up and ready for viewing in time for the annual Strathmore home tour, Haines said, and by then his wife had already invested $50,000 into the property, so they listed it for $139,900 online.

But Zillow estimates the 4-bed, one-and-a-half bath home, is worth $82,100, based on its previous listing and selling prices and assessment.

“Here’s a house that she put very large amount of money and work into, and of course Zillow doesn’t know that, it only knows that a 1,500-square-foot house in our neighborhood might be X value,” Haines said.

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