Your view: Bombastic Donald Trump's solution

To the editor:

So every politician is worried about debt? The "you are fired" Trump uses some common sense to solve the nation's debt problem.

Trump claims to be a Republican and tells Republicans they are crazy to tell American people that Republicans will not cut $1 from the billions that the USA gives away in foreign aid.

Trump tells Republican voters the United States should charge nations for military protection. Trump is not happy the USA maintains between 600 and 1,000 foreign military bases to that the world can receive free military protection.

Common sense would indicate that the USA cannot continue to spend more than the entire world on defense.

The outlandish Trump said there was no reason to get involved in a military engagement in Libya unless the USA were paid in free oil. Trump might be also referring to the Bust venture in Iraq which many say cost the USA $3 trillion (borrowed) and the USE did not get one oil contract.

Trump concludes that his common-sense solutions would result in the saving of billions and the USA would be "awash in cash."

Karl Rove calls Trump the leader of the nutty right but other Republicans call the billionaire Trump nothing but a liberal.

I like the Trump solution to our problem of debt. With the billions saved by cutting foreign aid, charging for military protection, and trimming the bloated military budget we would not have to live with the draconian cuts to domestic programs.

Just think, no need to cut our educational programs, plenty of money to update our infrastructure and we could pay for health care.

I do believe that every politician should volunteer to share the pain. To date, I have not heard one politician say that he or she would take a small pay cut, give up a portion of their free government health care or say they should contribute to their pension plan.

Politicians who fail to volunteer to inflict some personal pain by taking a voluntary pay cut should hear the Trump cry, "you are fired!"

Robert L. Knapp, Syracuse

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