News from NOPL: April 27

Join us for a different kind of garden party: the official NOPL LibraryFarm kick-off workday is 10 a.m. Saturday May 21, where anyone willing to get his or her hands dirty will be able to help. You'll learn a bit about planting and growing organically, and our partnerships with local food pantries mean the fruits of your labor will feed great food to local families in need.

Check out these related resources from a public library near you:

+ "How the Government Got in your Backyard : Superweeds, Frankenfoods, Lawn Wars, and the (Nonpartisan) Truth About Environmental Policies," by Jeff Gillman. Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2011.

This book covers all the questions you've always wanted to ask like: Organic food, is it really healthier or just more expensive? Alternative energy, will renewable fuels save the day? Plant patenting, does it protect the environment, or is it profiteering? Biotechnology, the wave of the future or a ticking time bomb?

+ "Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root." (DVD) Docurama, 2011.

American food is in a state of crisis. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, food costs are skyrocketing, family farms are in decline, and our agricultural environment is in jeopardy. Explore a thriving local food movement as our world becomes a more flavorless, disconnected, and dangerous place to eat.

+ "The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st century." (Audiobook), by Dickson D. Despommier. Old Saybrook, CT: Tantor Media, 2010.

When Columbia professor, Dickson Despommier, set out to solve America's food, water, and energy crises, he didn't just think big, he thought up. Despommier's stroke of genius, the vertical farm, has excited scientists, architects, and politicians around the globe. These farms, grown inside skyscrapers, would provide solutions to many of the serious problems the world is facing.

+ "Pay Dirt: How to Make $10,000 a Year from Your Backyard Garden," by John Tullock. Avon, Mass.: Adams Media, 2010

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