2011 Wing Tournament: Northside/Eastwood Results

On the heels of the Downtown results, next up in the 2011 Wing Tournament is the Northside/Eastwood bracket. Shifty's Bar and Grill took on Gianni's Bronx Style Pizza, with Change of Pace faced Original Italian Pizza.

Northside / Eastwood Opening Round: Game 1

(1) Shifty's Bar & Grill's "hot" wings: 4 points

(4) NY Gianni's Bronx Style Pizza's "hot" wings: 3 points

The closest match-up to date pitted Shifty's hot wings against Gianni's hot wings.

While Gianni's "dart" style wings, a mix of hot, garlic, and barbecue flavors, should not go unnoticed, their hot wings were barely edged out by Shifty's. For the first time in the tournament, blue cheese actually had to play tie-breaker.

As a 4-seed, Gianni's puts out strong competition with wings that have a great skin and a good balance of slight crunchiness covered in a very vinegar-based Buffalo sauce. Make sure you have napkins for these! While hotness and amount of sauce may have been in favor of Gianni's, Shifty's homemade sauce was slightly more classic and even contained tiny pieces of tomatoes and chilies hiding among the wings.

Shifty's also boasted tender meat (5 out of 5 on my account) and were great bar wings overall.

Downsides of Shifty's was a rather disappointing lack of heat (which was more like a strong mild) and a sauce that tended to dry out midway through the meal. Gianni's weren't bad for take-out and on this visit were a winning combo with their delicious sheet pizza, but Shifty's takes the battle with larger and more consistent wings, tender meat, good flavor, and perfectly chunky blue cheese.

Winner: Shifty's Bar & Grill

Northside / Eastwood Opening Round: Game 2

(2) Change of Pace's "Hot / Extra Crispy" wings: 5

(3) Original Italian Pizza's "Hot / Char-Grilled" wings: 1

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