Channel 9's Jim Teske visits K.C. Heffernan

With the outdoor temperature hovering in the low 20s, Marcellus third grade students received a well-timed lesson on the weather as News Channel 9 WSYR-TV meteorologist Jim Teske visited K. C. Heffernan March 28. Teske's TV Meteorology 101 presentation took the very attentive group through all the components of putting together an accurate television weather forecast.

"What do I have to find out and consider before I can make a forecast?" Teske asked the group. He then guided the classes through a brainstorming exercise that brought the following answers to that question: Winds (speed and direction, surface and high altitude); temperature; how much water is in the air; and air pressure

He stressed that a change in any one of these elements has a direct impact on the other elements. He demonstrated this concept by placing a hard-boiled egg on an empty bottle. Students and teachers alike were awestruck as Teske called upon a student to place a "lighted" cotton ball into the bottle and the egg was sucked unbroken by the vacuum that was created.

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