Spring dawns on a new village of Marcellus

Michael Plochocki was mayor of Marcellus from 2006 to 2010.

Someone passing through the village of Marcellus today for the first time since the fall of 2006 would need to be blind to not be overwhelmed by the massive changes before their eyes.

As the last snow now finally melts away and the sunlight of the spring of 2011 shines down upon our beautiful village, the fruit of four years of infrastructure reconstruction and accompanying landscaping comes to bear. While the project was actually completed late this past fall, the bare trees and early snows of the time detracted from the glory of what was achieved. With the coming of spring, however, the immensity of what has occurred comes - figuratively and literally - into full bloom. I thank everyone in the community for their four years of support and patience in the face of all the inconveniences that the 2006-2010 Marcellus village reconstruction projects inherently caused. With all that behind us now, we can take pride in what we have achieved.

Then: 2006

If someone stood at the intersection of Main and North Streets in 2006 and walked north, not only would they be walking on a street in need of repair and lined with damaged sidewalks, but as they looked to their left and right they would see other streets - Reed Street, Maple Street, Orange Street, and Reed Parkway - in far worse shape and with even more damaged sidewalks (and in some areas, no sidewalks). Moreover, these damaged streets were only covering a more insidious problem: a rusting and collapsing network of water and sewer pipes (with some water pipes over a century old).

Now: 2011

Today, someone can walk northward on a brand new North Street with brand new sidewalks and landscaping, and look left and right and see this pattern continued along the four aforementioned side streets. Although unseen to the naked eye, all of the repaired streets are also full-depth reconstructed in order to lessen future potholes and to increase longevity. Main Street and certain portions of South Street had been the only streets as of 2006 to have had received full-depth reconstruction; I was adamant that all streets re-done during my administration have full-depth reconstruction along the entire length of the street. In this climate, a full-depth reconstructed street that is well maintained should last 40 years or more with only surface repairs needed. Thus, all of these reconstructed streets should last until 2050 or more. Also unseen, each street, along with Highland Drive, now also has new (entirely new in many cases) water and sewer piping. A person could even end their walk within sight of the village's newly renovated wastewater treatment plant near the end of North Street. In fact, all of these repairs to the Marcellus village sewer system from 2006-2010 were the primary reason cited by the New York State Rural Water Association in naming the village of Marcellus sewer system as the "New York State Sewer System of the Year" for 2010.

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