Walking the 'Vine' in the village of Liverpool

Having spent most of last Saturday morning in our lamp lit family room, transcribing notes, checking emails and shuffling papers, I decided I needed a break. Instead of driving down to the store to get a couple items we needed, I took advantage of the nice weather and went on foot. The sun was warm; it felt great not to wear a jacket and I got to wear the sandals that had been stored away for far too long.

The sun elevated my mood. It was wonderful to get some exercise. For the last couple months, routine workouts had taken the backburner to weekly deadlines, freelance writing gigs and, oh yeah, planning a wedding. I had forgotten what a pick-me-up even a short walk is for the body, mind and soul.

Despite the patchy sidewalk and cars rushing by on Vine Street, I could feel the tight grip of anxiety loosen. I forgot all about my work demands and was able to organize the million thoughts that had been clamoring for attention. By the time I returned with my three grocery bags, I realized those 30 minutes of time for myself were exactly what I needed to lift my sullen spirit. It's amazing what a little fresh air and exercise will do to reinvigorate you. Next time, I won't wait so long.

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