Town of Camillus permitted to kill up to 20 geese at Veterans Memorial Park

The goose droppings have been piling up at Gilly Lake for a long time. After sorting through several options throughout the year, Camillus Parks and Recreation Director Eric Bacon decided on one that may not sound pretty, but could work at a reasonable price.

Bacon received a permit Monday from the U.S. Bureau of Fish and Wildlife to kill no more than two geese a day, and no more than 20 geese total. He met with the Camillus Town Board that same day and they decided to go ahead with the plan.

"This is what we need to do in order to accomplish solving our problem, which was people not being able to enjoy the park because of goose droppings and the potential problem of having too many goose droppings in the water and potentially having to close our beach," Bacon said.

He hopes that by shooting the geese, the others will get the idea that the park is not a safe place to inhabit. The first geese will be killed either before the end of the week or early next week.

"If it works by shooting two we wouldn't do it anymore," Bacon said. "If we did it the first day and they were still hanging around, we would probably do it another day."

A member of the parks department trained in hunting will do the shooting with a shotgun between the hours of 7 and 9 a.m. when the park is closed, "but probably closer to 7," Bacon said. Bacon consulted with Camillus Chief of Police Tom Winn about the issue of shooting within hearing range of a few residents, and Winn suggested he inform residents of the authorized procedure through the 911 service.

"We had talked about putting together a flier for neighbors," Bacon said. "Of course with all the media outlets reporting on this, I don't know if we still need to do this or not."

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