Seeing double

RN: It will just be a retailer. We won't be making chocolate there.

EO: Are you unleashing any new products with the opening?

RN: We might. There might be something secret that's coming out when the store opens. We might have a thing or two new, a new special, who knows.

EO: Maybe a chocolate calzone?

RN: (laughs) Hey, goes with the line. That's not a bad idea.

EO: You still have a semester of college to finish, correct?

RN: Yes.

EO: How are you going to pull this off?

RN: I scheduled my classes to allow me the most time back in the store. It's definitely a challenge to balance both, but I know I can do it. Plus, I have a great team in place at the store to keep things rolling when I'm away.

EO: Do you have someone lined up to supervise the Manlius store?

RN: Yes. The former owner, Bonnie, is actually really excited about working out there.

EO: What does Bonnie think of all this?

RN: She loves it. She said it's something she's always wanted to do for 22 years, but she was just never able to do it. So now that I'm able to do it, she loves it.

EO: After this, what's next for the Chocolate Pizza Company?

RN: After this big opening we're gonna hunker down and get ready for Christmas, start making everything up. Getting our marketing campaign out there, getting our name out there and ... just getting ready for Christmas.

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