A trip back to Mottville included pancakes

Last Sunday, after church, I went downstream to the Mottville Fire Department Pancake Breakfast. It was certainly a shorter drive than to the more well-known upstream breakfast.

The first house we owned was on the Mottville side of Old Seneca Turnpike.

We voted at the firehouse and they helped us dispose of parts of a mini dairy barn. That was a real exercise, as they had to run a hose line to the new 6" waterline that fed down Seneca Turnpike from the west. The line that served the house, I believe, was full of pebbles. It was small and had fabulous pressure, being down in the valley, but it didn't have much flow.

Whenever I drove the ambulance into the Mottville Fire Department territory for a call, we always had great help from the fire rescue crew, many of whom rode the ambulance in the early days of SAVES.

So, going to breakfast gave us a chance to see folks from our 50+ year residence in Skaneateles. I had a chat with the town water department foreman, Bruce Famoly and we reminisced about some of the old days. I commented that I felt safer when Chief George Davis patrolled every night. He knew the plate numbers of almost all the residents and would be able to spot a strange car or van. If you did not live here, you shouldn't be here after 11 pm. George racked up a large number of busts for various things over the years. Most of the bad guys knew this and usually went back to the city, bypassing Skaneateles.

He also served legal papers in a unique way. He would park in your driveway, shine the car's spotlight in your bedroom window, and give a little toot on the siren.

When you looked out the window, he would call out, "Joe put on your slippers. I have a little paper for you." Now, that was efficient.

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