Downtown After Dark: The beer may be flat, but the bottle's historic

As usual at his hometown shows, Cavallo will be backed by members of the State Street Band including guitarist John Latocha, bassist Chuck Sgroi and drummer Tommy Rozzano.

Elegy in Blue

Two cops, two street people and one kid.

Budding Syracuse playwright Donna Stuccio, a former Syracuse police officer, wisely keeps her characters to a minimum in her new two-act, Elegy in Blue, running through Saturday at Jazz Central. And by casting a handful of the city's best actors, she ensures that her bittersweet script resonates with emotion, from humor to romance to pathos.

Stuccio creates contrasting characters: an antsy, intelligent, pissed-off policewoman named Celeste Luna and, Jesse, her laid-back, lumbering backwoods male partner; Rodney, a nosy, wheelchair-bound alcoholic and Lucas, an ex-con on a mission. Thirteen-year-old Anthony is the only character without a counterpart, but he's a crucial catalyst for the others' interaction at Angelsea Park in Atlantic City.

An impressive cast

Veteran actress Moe Harrington makes a convincing cop with a chip on her shoulder. In one of the script's best lines, Celeste complains that her male colleagues have always been "either overprotective of me or they steal my collars." Mark Eischen's slower-witted Vermonter well-complements Celeste's hyper nature and endears him both to her and the audience.

Al Marshall turns in a terrific performance as Lucas, the ex-con with a bit of con man still in him, and David Simmons' unctuous cripple functions as a greasy Greek chorus who knows where certain skeletons are buried...and has Polaroids to prove it.

The plot hinges on Celeste's past and how it affects her present as she forges a working relationship with Jesse who wants something more. Lucas, fresh from a 40-year jolt in a Southern prison, also seeks to solve part of his past by locating his long lost son. And Jesse's running from his past, a particularly messy divorce that left a daughter abandoned in the Green Mountain State.

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