Amazing Grace, 1996-2010

Skaneateles Press Dog passes:

The Press Dog, Grace, died unexpectedly, yet peacefully, in her sleep Sept. 10. She was a West Highland Terrier runt born in Bob and Katie Doucette's rumpus room on Syracuse University's Hill.

Words don't come easily when our four legged friends pass away because words are never an essential part of these relationships.

We don't speak each other's language, at least not very well.

Oh, we shout out the commands like we are in control, and they bark back. But it's really the silence between us, their all knowing eye contact, the simple drop of their muzzle onto our laps, a scratch behind their ears or a belly rub.

I never did give Grace a normal dog command. Instead, it would be, 'Make the right decision Grace.' And, she always did eventually. She was a terrier, and anyone who has ever had a terrier knows, there is no telling a terrier what to do.

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