Skaneateles: Weitsman on the Krebs project

The Kreb's new owner, Adam Weitsman, said he hasn't been this excited about a project in a long time. But he also understands the position Larry Loveless is in and is happy to give him space.

"Larry and I will get together when he's had some time," Adam said, who has been in touch with Larry's daughters, who told him they were relieved for their dad to be able to retire at the end of the 2010 season -- that's Oct. 17.

Adam's plan is to update the restaurant's kitchen and physical plant changing as little as possible of the landmark, which he plans on operating year round.

The front porch needs a lot of work, but it's definitely staying he said.

His wife Kim will be the guiding hand in the charitable aspect of the operation. They plan on supporting local food banks and charities that help children with profits generated at Krebs.

Finding Krebs

Adam ate at Krebs as a child and then a couple of years ago. He discovered Skaneateles with his father, Fred Weitsman, on trips up to Auburn to the Steel Plant when he was young. They used to dream about living along the lake.

"My father is my best friend," Adam said.

The two remember Krebs from years back when it had a strong national reputation.

Krebs will cater to

Recently, a lifelong Skaneateles resident, age 80, said, "I hate the word 'upscale,' this used to be such a nice community where everybody cared about each other."

Will the common man be able to eat at Krebs?

Adam said, "Absolutely."

It won't be priced like fast food as they will be sourcing fresh and even local ingredients, but he wants it to be affordable and cater to the local clientele first.

"This is for the locals," he said; if the tourists want to visit, so be it.

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