Mystery miss inspired Silent Fury

Romance blooms even in the Marshall-stacked world of metal. Just ask Mick Fury.

The guitar-bashing frontman for Silent Fury still reels from a relationship gone haywire. The good news is that he channeled the ego-shattering experience into the title tune of Silent Fury's new CD, "Girl in My Head."

"This last year has been a whirlwind," Fury sighed.

The Syracuse power trio - also featuring drummer Josh "Wildman" Dean and bassist Joe "Nasty" Grosvent - toured repeatedly from Vermont to Texas and opened shows for the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon, Afroman and Vince Neil. On Oct. 8, Silent Fury kicked off the Sammy Awards show at OnCenter. Next Friday, Nov. 5, Mick and the boys will host a CD release party for "Girl in My Head" at the Westcott Theater.

Ah, yes, the girl!

Well, it seems that Mick was tiring of one night stands with nameless chicks on the road.

"I finally found a girl I wanted to more than get naked with," he said. "She's actually a really successful local singer...we had an amazing roller coaster ride that suddenly came to a halt, and I launched off it head-first. I started going out with girls I'd meet at shows again, but it was soulless. I was missing that 'Girl in My Head,' and that's where this album came from."

When pressed, Fury demurred.

"I promised the girl I wrote a lot of the songs about that I wouldn't mention her name. She's very well known," he wrote in an e-mail, adding that she's beautiful and talented.

Jocko rocks!

Despite Silent Fury's garage-band roots, the band's professional musicianship and no-nonsense stage presence shows the boys ready for a shot in music's major leagues. The group's sound, on songs like "She Rocked Me" and "Kick Down My Door," is characterized by crystalline vocals over insistent drums, booming bass and crisp electric guitar. The arrangements resound with power chords punctuated by startling stop times.

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