F-M ABC to honor Anaren, Barbara Sutton

Personally, it has been a joy to be involved with this program and to have watched our 72 alumnae graduate from F-MHS, enter and graduate from college and, often graduate school, and become successful in their chosen careers. I love seeing how they scholars grow and mature in the four years they are with us.

In what ways does this program most benefit its students? the F-M community?

The scholars benefit because they are able to attend one of the finest high schools in the country. They learn from our excellent teachers, they participate in the myriad of extracurricular activities available to them at F-MHS, they broaden their horizons to discover new worlds of opportunity. In the ABC program itself, the scholars benefit from the support of dedicated board, staff and host families as well as all the folks in the community who donate and participate in many different ways.

The F-M community is enriched by the presence of A Better Chance scholars. Their dedication to becoming the best students they can be is inspiring to F-M students. After all, ABC scholars have left home at the age of 14 in order to pursue an excellent education and further their goals. What an impressive, brave decision for young girls to make and what courageous parents to encourage their daughters to go away from home for high school because of the opportunities available. ABC scholars enrich their classes by their very presence and participation. They help make F-M High School a better place.

The gala dinner will be held at 6 p.m. Saturday Nov. 6 at the DoubleTree Hotel in East Syracuse. If you are interested in attending or supporting the F-M ABC program, contact Pam Steele at 682-8497.

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