To the editor: Together it works!

Long time elementary Principal Janice Schue, has been assigned to the "Rubber Room" for sixteen months with no disciplinary action. She has been treated with the same contempt or worse for many years, despite the fact that recent and significant improvements in graduation rates can be traced to Schue's influence more than a dozen years ago.

Anyone who knows recently suspended High School Principal Dave Zehner knows that he genuinely cares. Dave has tremendous vision and is very innovative. He and his staff have worked together to dramatically improve graduation rates and considerably expand the number of college credit offerings. Going forward, we will need innovative thinkers to affordably meet the educational needs of our students in ways that will intrinsically motivate them.

The board fired treasurer and accountant Anthony Scro on Oct. 6, disingenuously stating that they did so "with regrets and best wishes." Scro is the best accountant Jordan-Elbridge has ever had. He is a gentleman and a gentle man. Area school treasurers routinely called on him to answer difficult questions. Anthony always responded gladly. Anthony has made contributions above and beyond the Civil Service reporting requirements of a treasurer and above and beyond a standard 40-hour work week with no additional pay. Jordan-Elbridge has received outstanding external audits over the last several years. In fact, at the exit interview of a six-month New York State Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) audit, the auditor said that Jordan-Elbridge was one of the best districts the OSC had audited. Anthony Scro deserves much of this credit.

What did Anthony get for all his efforts and selfless contributions to the District? Fired. "Heartless" is the only word that comes to mind when an employee that has done all this is fired without any due process, leaving an eight member household without an income or health insurance.

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